Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News and Views from Tues May 11

The big story in the US is the announcement of the 30 man preliminary roster(see WC section below). I'll let you ferret out your own choice of commentary on the group. There certainly is no shortage of opinion out there.
The most chatter is about the omission of Charlie Davies from the squad. Following that, you'll find roughly equal amounts of blurbing about Freddie Adu(not on squad), the lack of forward depth, and a bit about Heath Pearce's chances of going to South Africa.

  • Part 2 of Footiebusiness on Gambling on MLS.
  • Can Montreal have an Impact on MLS?
  • Expansion: With the announcement of Montreal as the 19th team, talk naturally began about which city would be best for the 20th club. A few days back, an article appeared at Goal.com on why New York City should not be considered. Frankly, I thought the piece so poor and lacking in substance that I didn't link to it. Drew Epperly of WVHooligan, however, has written on the subject and found that as usual of his work, it is worth the read.

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