Thursday, May 13, 2010

News and Views from Thurs May 13

  • The big story for me was the cancellation of a friendly in soccer hungry Phoenix. The Club America/Pachuca match scheduled for July 7 will not take place because of what we know here as SB 1070, the new immigration law.
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  1. Odd omissions, common misperceptions, and historical holes used by USSF, MLS and their partners to serve their version of the young and fragile history of the American game:

    1. US made the first World Cup. Then nothing happened until 1950.

    Wrong. USMNT made three of the first four WC finals with teams composed almost entirely of American club players. After breaching the semifinals in '30, they made the trip to Italia '34 and Brazil '50.

    2. Joe Gaetjens, scorer of the goal that sank the English in 1950, was a dishwasher.

    True. He also won the ASL golden boot that year while playing for powerhouse NY Brookhatten. Like MLS players today, it was not uncommon for ASL players of that era to carry a second job.

    3. According to the timeline at, the new website for the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, the "professional era" coincides with "the MLS era".

    Tell that to Charles Schwab, owner of 1920s American superclub Bethlehem Steel, FC. Tell Chuck his five time Open Cup winning club in the second most popular pro sports league of the time wasn't professional.

    4. According to the timeline at ASL, Bethlehem Steel, and the golden age of American soccer, never happened.

    Take that, Chuck.

    5. The billionaire backers at MLS couldn't keep the lights on in at the Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta.

    News stories have placed it's future somewhere inside Lamar Hunt's Wizardland in KC, where it will be easier to enforce editorial content.

    6. Where IS Archie?

    Speaking of Bethlehem Steel, FC, We have a bona fide American Soccer Babe Ruth on that team who can't get his due. American Archie Stark netted 67 for the club in 1925. On top of incredible career accomplishments, this set a world record for goals in a top flight league season, one that remains unbroken.

    In other nations whose leagues don't compete with one another, history is celebrated. Here, it's hidden and spun to deflect criticism for the weak status of our current federation and shortcomings of their current top league.

    Isn't it sad?