Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Fart Bitch Session

In my twitter program(TweetDeck), I have a pane set up to follow the #mls hashtag. My goodness, what a bunch of whiney cry-babies.

Gee, the match isn't in HD, I just can't watch that. What?!? The ref blew a call, he sucks, the league sucks, the world sucks. Man, the MLS playoff system sucks.

Oh puhleeze. Get over it. Get a clue and STFU. That Shut the F*ck Up, just so you know.

Where, you may ask am I coming from? Prehistoric times for most of the tweeters, I suspect.

HD TV. Ha! Try black and white.

Ref blew a call. Do you think they were any better when there weren't 25 cameras watching every move? Ever watch a Euro match? Think they are so much better? Ask Ireland fans.

The playoffs suck. Check your US sports history.
The NBA, 8 teams in 2 conferences. Top 3 teams in each conference make the playoffs. Teams with 50 losses making the playoffs!
The NHL, 6 teams, with 4 making the playoffs. When the NHL expanded in 67-68 EVERY expansion team was in a new conference, with all the original teams staying together. 4 teams in each 6 team conference made the playoffs. The 5th place team in the 'original' conference had more points than EVERY team in the expansion conference and missed the playoffs.

And you know what? We all survived and so did the NBA and the NHL, and so will MLS.

So get over it and enjoy the fantastic athletes in the game we love, and oh yeah, STFU!

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