Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News and Views from Tuesday Mar 30


You've heard it by now, MLS Cup 2010 in Toronto. I don't have a problem with the match being held outside of the US, but having lived in Toronto, the weather could be dicey.

Player Moves

Before all of those short on patience start wailing on the Philadelphia Union about selecting David Myrie, keep in mind that Seattle took three players in the expansion draft that never saw opening day, Jeff Parke, who ironically may join the Sounders after an aborted European excursion, Jarrod Smith and Khano Smith.
But just for fun, other young defenders that could have been taken by the Union from the teams they didn't take other players from: Aaron Hohlbein, Raushawn McKenzie, Blake Wagner or Mike Banner, though none are quite as young as Myrie.

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